Jacob strives to make the world a little better, one person at a time.  His energy, enthusiasm and powerful style of speaking resonates with the audience so they 'feel' the moment.

The audience will be empowered by Jacob and his journey; demonstrating everyone has a chance to succeed.


Engaging your students and faculty by providing a personal perspective, Jacob takes you through his journey of incredible adversity including bullying, abuse, and depression, struggling with his disability Cerebral Palsy. 


The meticulous preparation creates a unique experience incorporating how to navigate modern challenges guided by personal experiences.  Creating a rhythmic atmosphere, the conversation provides a powerful message and lasting impact on the audience.

Popular Speech: A place of Belonging

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Jacob's sincere belief that anyone can succeed is apparent as he conveys his message of self-fulfillment and encouragement, empowering the audience to achieve success.  His motivational style of speaking is a perfect fit in creating a winning and inclusive team for your business.


The transformative story from feeling like a nobody to someone capable of creating and achieving personal success and fulfillment fosters a deep belief in Jacob’s audiences. Through his experiences, he shares his defeats only to rise again and thrive.  


As an entrepreneur, model, photographer and professional disabled surfer on the international stage branded as ProneToRide, Jacob continually pushes the envelope of possibilities.

Popular Speech: Intuitive Energy


Jacob provides insight on how to transform your brand through the power of story-telling and social media. Demonstrating accessibility and bringing to light the opportunities available in the huge disability market. 

Jacob is relentless in his pursuit of knowledge, program development and workshops. This includes collaborations with Shriner’s Children Hospital, University of California Irvine, local municipalities and other government offices as well as California’s Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.  


Bridging the gap of understanding to create the traction for a more diverse and inclusive world.

Popular Speech: Vital Impact