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Throughout my life I often felt not good enough for a home, job, car, family, friends or love because of the way I looked to the community.


I was bullied and beaten for being different. Those moments broke my body, my spirit spiraled into a darkness that nearly consumed me.


I chose to endure and slowly re-built myself.

I made it my mission to show how our differences serve as the key to bringing us together as a team, and community.


Tim Hamel M.A.- Former CAHPRED President

“Jacob is pure and authentic. He is far more than inspirational.  His message embraces his audience. He delivers a powerful representation of life; he does not hold back. He will leave you with a much more appreciation of how to live each day to your potential.”  
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These deeply personal stories I share will show you

  • How I took severe medical diagnosis and transformed myself into a member of Team USA on the biggest stage of elite competitive adaptive surfing

  • How the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich of my life led me to paying a simple act of kindness forward

  • What tools I used in the darkest period of my life to never feel like a burden again despite abuse and bullying


Workshops & trainings

I have witnessed empathy, collaboration and character transform an office, campus or community into a place of belonging for all.


I combine real-life experience and research to teach


  • Effective communication skills that make people feel heard and cared for


  • Tools for leaders, staff and students to build a productive, unified workplace and community


  • How to take action despite feeling vulnerable to help yourself and others around you to keep moving forward towards your goals


I share this mission with you because it shaped my life and the lives of many others

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