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As a model and professional surfer, Jacob works promoting major brands such as Zappos, UGG, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Soler Footwear, Bomber Eyewear, Adidas and more.


As a content creator with Cerebral-Palsy, Jacob provides a special connection between two worlds: the disabled and the able-bodied.  This connection is demonstrated in his continued partnerships with major brands across the world, traveling to Europe, Mexico, South America and across the U.S. from California to New York to create stunning content.

As a creator, Jacob creates high quality content in unique natural settings utilizing his creative skills to bring the sotry to life. His particular style allows him to meet any need to promote your brand.   


Manhattan Edge Sunrise- soler with orange top final.jpg
4 freedoms park ptr top and adidas smile final.jpg
Joe Barber shoot pic 1_edited.jpg
Four Freedoms- white wall mean mug with north face-adidas downsized.jpg
Water Street- PTR top and soler final.jpg
The Met- soler and blue top final.jpg
Brooklyn Bridge park-north face top and soler final.jpg
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