Never Left Behind 

Excerpts from Interviews and Speaking Events

Professional Athlete

  • Top Adaptive Surfer-Athlete in the World despite adversity and exclusion

  • Jacob's unique background will  empower your audience to maximize their potential


  • Professional speaking experience

  • Experience in sports, research, development, and application

  • Disability Pride Parade Keynote

  • Becoming Adaptive Conference, Baja California Inaugural Adaptive Surf Program

  • American Association of Sports Psychology Conference.

  • Fresno Foxes Football Club Keynote


  • Turn adversity into opportunity

  • Live a fulfilling life despite challenge 
  • Help in goal setting and achievement

  • Guidance for positive attitude skill-building

  • Mental Strength Coaching 

  • Never Get Left Behind

  • Discover your path to move forward today


"Jacob is a one of a kind presenter. Dynamic, prepared, funny, and incredibly knowledgeable, Jacob delivers his lectures as a true authority. The experience he provides is polished, not a single detail is overlooked. We can’t wait for him to come back!! 

—  Kali Sudbrook, MS CSCS, TSAC-F

UC Irvine Workstrong Program Dir. 

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