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Okay Covid, Let's COPE!

Hi everyone! As I write this post we continue to live through the COVID-19 pandemic but guess what it’s been 5 months since the president officially declared a national emergency and we are still pushing though. Kudos to you all! I know these can be trying times with delays in the sport season and the unknown which is why I wanted to discuss some coping strategies for our athletes! Before I get into some strategies, I would like for you to reflect on the following questions (1) What emotions and feelings am I currently feeling? (2) Have I been feeling this way consistently? (3) What is within my control? Take a minute even write down your answers, now let's dive in!

If you have been feeling impatient or unsettled one thing to remember is that we can only control the controllable. The pandemic is happening, although we have seen progress in our country as a whole there is still a ways to go, so what can we do now that life has been placed on hold? Firstly, I want you to remember you are not alone…

Set Routines: setting routines are important not only because they keep us organized and more productive. It is extremely helpful in improving our stress levels as well. For those of us that have been stuck at home. Wake up early, make breakfast, get a work-out in. Take advantage of your day! When will we have another break like this! 

Here are some how-to’s:

  1. Practice mindful meditation: Take 10 minutes of your day and just make a mental note of things you are grateful for. Gratitude is key for maintaining a positive mindset. Also, recite some words of affirmation, this will also improve your mindset. 

  2. Stay active and eat healthy: These are things you were mindful of during the season. Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle will give you the energy you need to power through these long days. It will also provide a sense of normality. Get a quick exercise in and if not walk around your neighborhood keep your body moving. Eat clean! This will give your body plenty of vitamins and minerals. Eat food with high quality of protein and healthy fats. 

  3. Keep in contact!: This is something you have probably heard many times, but it does help keep us sane. We are in this together but also keep in mind your boundaries. If you find yourself a bit stressed out after a conversation with your parents or friend don’t be afraid to take a minute, cut a conversation short, and express what YOU need. Your mental health is important so set your terms. Also a call from you to a friend may do your friends/family more good than you think!

  4. Take a break from social media!: Another thing I would advise of athletes during this time is to take a break from social media. I know Tik-Tok can be addicting and we can scroll for hours on end and not notice the time go by, but social media distracts us from our goals and self-care.  

Most importantly use this time for some self-reflection and self-care. When we take a minute to listen to ourselves, we learn about our needs, areas of improvement, and how to go about obtaining our happiness.  

Life has given us a chance to take a step back, a breather, and put ourselves and our health first. We must take advantage of it and use this time to grow and indulge in self-care. These circumstances are far from ideal but we should try to focus on the positive as much as possible! 

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