Content Creator

Jacob is not just a model and speaker. He is also an entrepreneur, adventurer, advocate, and content creator. Jacob uses his platform daily to create impactful video on overcoming challenge to find what works for you.

Collaborating with various brands and platforms who share and embrace that message of empowerment, Jacob creates engaging content that inspires taking action.

He walks the talk using his unique passion and personality to empower his community to excel on their own paths.


The impact he delivers is unlike any other creator.

SMILING & STOKED 😁 2 words I live by... . .__It is not possible for me to be as stoked an

Community Outreach

Community has a special way of connecting people and Jacob thrives on connecting with the community.


When not on the stage Jacob is giving his time to build the next generation, support those who in need, and increase awareness on social issues for more equality and inclusion.

Jacob travels as a volunteer, or participant to give back and empower social good in the community. Supporting organizations such as Adaptive Freedom Foundation, Waves4All Foundation, A Walk on Water, Angel City Sports, Malibu Underdogs, Boys and Girls Club, and many more.


Jacob is committed to building an inclusive community, a place of belonging for all.