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I use social media and writing as a vehicle to build a more connected, loving world through joyous activities like surfing.

I provide uplifting discussions, volunteering and bringing as much stoke as possible.


Let's partner together and weave your incredible brand into my lifestyle as we build meaningful Reels and TikToks. 


5 Mental skills for Surfing

5 Mental skills for Surfing

Welcome back to the How To Surf Series: 5 mental skills for surfing. Here we discuss 5 basic tips to help you mentally prepare to surf. Today we bring on special guests from the mindful surfer podcast, who specialize in surfing psychology and how it can be applied to everyday life. #1: Breathe Control, be aware and conscious of how you breathing in the water. Taking deep breaths will help to control your state of mind and hone focus in the water, this can also be applied out of the water as well to help hone focus in stressful situations. 2. Music selection, music can dictate our mood before and after a session. Surfing is a very rhythmic sport, having the right beat and flow in your ear buds can help you catch more stoke. 3. Count the seconds: When you are going through the "washing machine" after falling off a wave, it can be very stressful and scary. An excellent grounding technique is: counting the seconds you are underwater, when this happens we realize there isn't much time spent under the surface (depending on your skill level). Counting the seconds gives a realistic sense of time and patience. 4. Don't fight the water, when you are in the washing machine do not push and pull your weight around. Move with the water flow, this will help reduce anxiety and potential injury. 5. Manage Expectations: Every surf session is different, similar to how our days can be. As we practice and improve we will gain more experience and confidence. Be kind to yourself and enjoy the session as much as possible. **Always remember to respect the ocean at all times. That is my number one rule, it gives us life and stoke. It is a powerful entity. Special thanks to: @themindfulsurfer podcast for sharing their tips and tricks to us! Please give them a follow on Instagram for more interesting convos and content! Subscribe to their podcast on all audio platforms! Check them out here: for more info on my story, merchandise and more! Keep charging! Love, Jacob
3 things to start surfing

3 things to start surfing

To start surfing you only need 3 basic things to get started. What do you think the 3 things are? This is the start of how to surf prone series. My name is Jacob Pacheco, I am a pro-adaptive surfer living with cerebral palsy and pure stoke. I started surfing in 2014, went pro in 2016. Since that time we have seen some amazing places, surfed some incredible waves and competed against the best adaptive surfers in the world. Throughout this journey I have gathered many lessons and tools that helped me save time and surf more waves. This series has been a long time coming, requested multiple times and here it is now. Over the course of this series we will cover all topics of how to prepare, experience and overcome the fear of the ocean. This is an ongoing process, I will provide what I have learned but more importantly I want to hear what YOU think and feel about all of it. What would you do differently, do you have any suggestions? Let me hear what you think in the comments!! In the coming episodes we will discuss the physical, mental and emotional benefits, barriers to surfing with and without disabilities. Stay tuned for the next episode: 2 tips to STEEL your mind in the ocean! Listed below are links to: Merchandise, backpacks, cheap surfboards, and wetsuits for you to browse! Merchandise: Backpack: Wetsuit (mens): (Womens):
Create your story

Create your story

The creation story of my TEDx talk: the Power of Personal Experience. In order to write my best speech, I had to learn a few lessons about process which I share in this vlog. #1 Pitch: What value can you bring to the audience? The pitch gives a small snapshot on what you will speak about. The pitch grabs the attention of the event, or conference. Be direct and create impact with what you are trying to show to the audience. A better pitch gives a better opportunity to speak, but not guaranteed. #2 Process: What stories will you share for the audience connect with? This question helps you connect with the powerful personal stories that will provide the most impact. The audience craves both interaction and empathy with your speech. Interaction evokes emotion, emotions create empathy. Rework of your speech= refinement of your message, expect to rework your speech more than you think. #3 Deliver: Would you be willing to go the extra mile to create the impact you expect or want? Delivery is the final product of all the hard work put in through your process. Practice, practice, practice and expect to make mistakes. I was cruel to myself during this process and nothing will be perfect. In fact, the natural adjustments or changes made in the moment create real, authentic moments for the audience to connect and resonate with. Please subscribe to the channel if you liked the content, help the channel grow!! for more information on my story, merchandise and more! TEDx Talk Link:
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